• Podsoc #48

Forget me not:

In conversation with Kate Van Doore

Forget Me Not is a children’s non government organisation operating in Nepal and several other countries. The organisation values ethics, children’s rights and child-driven approaches. In this podcast, Kate Van Doore identifies child trafficking as a major problem in Nepal where children are trafficked and sold for international adoption or prostitution. Kate reports on the work of Forget Me Not in family reunion and discusses the complexities surrounding the care of children.
Kate van Doore is a Lecturer at Griffith Law School. She is also a founding member of Forget Me Not which operates programs focusing on reuniting trafficked children with their families and ensuring that families are supported in keeping their children at home. Kate holds a Bachelor of Arts (Asian and International Studies)/Bachelor of Laws; Grad Dip Legal Practice; and a Master of Laws. She is intending on pursuing a PhD on the intersections of child trafficking, child profiteering and the law.

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