• Podsoc #53

Children’s institutions in Bangladesh:

In conversation with Tuhinul Islam

In this podcast, Tuhinul Islam talks about his research on the well-being of children who live and have lived in 3 different children’s homes in Bangladesh – a Madrasah, a government and a NGO institution. His research compared the experiences of children and the benefits and disadvantages of each system with a view to making improvements in residential childcare for those children who did not have alternative living arrangements or were deemed to be at risk.

Tuhinul Islam is a Bangladeshi social work practitioner and part-time academic with 17 years experience in child welfare management, development and research in the development sector in Bangladesh and abroad. In 2012, he completed his PhD from the University of Edinburgh, UK, in Social Work and Social Policy (Child Rights/ Child Protection/ Child Welfare). He was awarded a Masters in International Child Welfare from the University of East Anglia, UK, has an MBA in Human Resource Management. Tuhin is a consultant ( Child Protection and Child Welfare) with ActionAid Bangladesh along with his regular job as Director, Education and Child Development of Society for Social Service (SSS) Bangladesh (a not-for-profit national NGO, working with more than 450,000 disadvantaged rural and urban families and 100,000 vulnerable and deprived children deploying over 5000 employee). He teaches part-time child and youth care /social work/development related subjects in the University.

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