• Podsoc #10

Street vending children in Nigeria:

In conversation with Rosemary Okoli

In this podcast, Rosemary Okoli discusses her PhD research which explores the experiences of street vending children in Nigeria, giving us a rich insight into the how these children perceive their lives and work and in the process dispels some myths based on western perceptions.

Dr Rosemary C B Okoli is a lecturer at the Department of Social Work, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria. She holds a PhD in Social Work from the University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom. Dr Okoli is a Ford International fellow and has extensive working experience in social and community development in Nigeria.

Her research interests are in the broad areas of Childhoods and Child protection, gender equality, women empowerment and International Social Work. She is chair, board of trustees of a US - based charity, Arizona Foundation for Social Justice, Children and Youth Services.

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