• Podsoc #46

Working with fathers from a strengths perspective

In conversation with Andrew King

Men often respond the way we expect them to, so it is essential we engage them in practice in a way that is respectful and open to their strengths. Though fathers are so important in families, it is an area of practice often neglected. Andrew King speaks to us about working with men and the skills we need – relevance, faith building, and honesty and directness.

Andrew King is a consultant trainer and program developer in group work, working with men and strengths based practice. He is the Deputy-Chairperson for the Institute of Group Leaders and a specialist trainer in group work and trains professionals throughout Australia and Canada in ‘working with men’. He is also an experienced practitioner and has published a range of professional articles. Andrew’s work career has involved working with teenagers who have drug and alcohol problems, young people with a mental health issues, parenting education, coordinating a large fathers’ centre and managing training for professionals interested in group work or working with men.

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