• Podsoc #42

Involving fathers:

In conversation with Joseph Fleming

Involving fathers in family work particularly in child protection can be challenging for practitioners. Joseph Fleming explores practitioners’ experiences of engaging fathers drawing from his qualitative research.

Joseph Fleming graduated in 1995 from the University of Western Australia with a Bachelor of Social Work (post-graduate) with the majority in child protection, adult and youth mental health, tertiary education and corrections. As a result of his practice, Joseph had developed an interest in ways in which social work and other helping professionals can engage biological and social fathers more effectively in practice. In 2001 Joseph undertook a PhD with the Department of Social Work at Monash University. Joseph research focused on the experiences of practitioners working with fathers. In 2012 he graduated with his Doctorate of Philosophy (Social Work) with the thesis titled; ''The Absence of Fathers in Child and Family Welfare Practice'. Joseph continues to practice as a social worker as well as being actively involved in promoting men’s health and father inclusive practice as a member of the Men and Vulnerable Families Sector Development Group. He has recently taken up an appointment with the University of the South Pacific teaching social work.

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