• Podsoc #26

Women and domestic violence:

In conversation with Torna Pitman

Torna Pitman speaks to us about her research on the lived experience of women who have experienced domestic violence in their relationships.

Torna Pitman graduated in 1983 from Flinders University in South Australia with a Bachelor of Education. After teaching high school students and adults for many years she decided to undertake further training as a counsellor and then as a social worker. Torna has specialised in relationship and trauma counselling as well as working with men and women in the area of domestic violence and abuse. In 2004, she graduated as a social worker and in 2005 accepted a University of Tasmania Post Graduate Scholarship to undertake a PhD in the School of Sociology and Social Work.

As a result of her experiences in the field, Torna’s research focused on the post-separation experiences of women in shared parenting arrangements where there was a context of domestic violence. In 2010 she graduated with her Doctorate of Philosophy (Social Work) with the thesis titled; ‘The legacy of domestic violence: How the dynamics of abuse continue post-separation.’
In 2012, Torna continues working in field education as the Field Education Program Coordinator. Field education has become an area of particular interest for Torna as it combines her love of teaching with social work skills. She will also coordinate the new Social Work unit ‘Advanced Critical Practice’.

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