• Podsoc #44


In conversation with Micheal Shier

Mindfulness – what is it and how does it relate to social work? Micheal Shier talks to us about how mindfulness in reflective practice can assist social workers’ subjective well-being in personal and professional realms.

Micheal L. Shier MSW, is a Phd Student at University of Pennsylvania's School of Social Policy and Practice and a Research Associate at University of Calgary's Faculty of Social Work. His primary research focus is on the sociology of organizations, occupational health and well-being, and the contemporary labour market. http://www.sp2.upenn.edu/people/students/phd/shier.html.

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Fronek, P. (Host). (2013, February 16). Mindfulness: In conversation with Micheal Shier [Episode 44]. Podsocs. Podcast retrieved Month Day, Year, from http://www.podsocs.com/podcast/mindfulness/.

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