• Podsoc #22

Critical Reflection:

In conversation with Jan Fook

Reflecting on what we do is an important aspect of competent practice and important to ongoing professional development and supervision. A critical approach encourages a deeper process. Jan Fook talks to us about her work on critical reflection.

Jan Fook was born and raised in Australia, but in the later part of her career has worked in the UK, Norway and Canada. She is currently Professor and Director of the School of Social Work at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia. Immediately prior to this however she was Professor of Professional Practice Research and Director of the Interprofessional Institute at the South West London Academic Network (Royal Holloway, St Georges (University of London) and Kingston University). She has also held professorial positions at the University of Southampton, Diakonjhemmet College (Oslo) and La Trobe and Deakin University.

Her earlier work was mainly in the arena of critical social work, and her professional reputation was established in this area. However in the second part of her career she has broadened her interests, working particularly now in critical reflection, which has wide applicability to many professions. Her research and professional work currently focuses on critical reflection and its development, both theoretically and as a research methodology. In this second edition of critical social work she has been able to bring these other traditions into play in developing critical perspectives on social work.

She now travels extensively providing training in critical reflection. Her books include: Radical Casework (Allen & Unwin); Professional Expertise (with Martin Ryan & Linette Hawkins, Whiting & Birch); Social Work: Critical Theory and Practice 1st ed. (Sage), and Practising Critical Reflection (with Fiona Gardner, Open University Press). Critical Reflection in Context: Specific Applications in Health and Social Care (with Fiona Gardner, Routledge) is due out before the end of 2012.

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