• Podsoc #28


In conversation with Kathy Knoble

In this podcast, Kathy Knoble talks about her personal journey and many issues that affect the transsexual community.

Kathy Knoble serves on several committees from Anti Discrimination, Ageing and Round Table Forums within various Queensland Government departments. Part of her advocacy is devoted to ‘annoying’ all governments in Australia, in order to advance recognition of Trans* issues. She is also on the National Trans Group and the Queensland GLBTI Legal Service Committee. Kathy deals with the Australian Human Rights Commission and the Human Rights Legal Centre. Changeling Aspects was formed in 2002 to assist all Trans and Gender Diverse people and the web site was created in 2007. Kathy has also served on the Board of the Queensland Association for Healthy Communities and the Committee of Open Doors and has recently been accepted as a “Full Support Member of The World Professional Association for Transgender Health”. Her book, “Two Lives, a Transsexual’s story and the fight for recognition”, was published in 2011. Kathy has recently attended the first Transgender, Sistergirl and Gender Diverse conference in Cairns. This was the first such conference in Australia.

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