• Podsoc #76

'Troubled' or 'disadvantaged' families

In conversation with Sue Bond-Taylor

Troubled Families programs have been introduced in England for those most ‘troubled’ families.. Sue Bond-Taylor discusses an evaluation of one these programs and the differences between political and practice meanings of words like empowerment and troubled.

Sue Bond-Taylor is Senior Lecturer in Criminology at the University of Lincoln, England, where she teaches on a number of undergraduate and post-graduate programmes. Her research explores the intersection between criminology and social policy, particularly as it relates to disadvantaged children, young people and families. Her research has therefore focused upon the areas of youth crime prevention, anti-social behaviour, and family interventions. More broadly, it has also explored issues of youth participation, empowerment and access to services and this area ties in with her pedagogic research interest in student voice, representation and engagement. Between 2011 and 2013, Sue led the University’s evaluation of Lincolnshire County Council’s Community Budget Pilot for supporting families with complex needs, which provided the foundations for developing their Troubled Families service. She has written a number of publications on the Troubled Families programme in England, considering the politics, discourse and practice of the programme, and continues to analyse the data from this research as part of her doctoral studies. Sue is a member of the Social Policy Association and sits on the editorial board for the journal Social Policy and Society. @SueBondTaylor. Email Sue: [email protected].

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Fronek, P. (Host). (2015, April 28). ‘Troubled’ or ‘disadvantaged’ families?: In conversation with Sue Bond-Taylor [Episode 76]. Podsocs. Podcast retrieved Month Day, Year, from http://www.podsocs.com/podcast/troubled-or-disadvantaged-families/.

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Sue Bond-Taylor