• Podsoc #62

Post adoption support

In conversation with Trevor Jordan

In this podcast, Trevor Jordan talks about post adoption support – who is affected, some of the issues that affect people, and the need for post adoption support services.

Trevor Jordan is President of Jigsaw Queensland Post-Adoption Resource Centre, was a Member of the National Intercountry Adoption Advisory Group and a Public Assessor on the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal before it was disbanded by the new government in November 2013. He has over twenty years experience in teaching and researching applied and professional ethics in a wide range of fields, including public sector ethics, criminal justice ethics, health care ethics, human services and social work ethics. His special interest is in ethics and adoption.

Recommended citation – APA6th

Fronek, P. (Host). (2014, January 5). Post adoption support: In conversation with Trevor Jordan [Episode 62]. Podsocs. Podcast retrieved Month Day, Year, from http://www.podsocs.com/podcast/post-adoption-support/.

Special note: The School of Human Services and Social Work at Griffith University is conducting research into post adoption support for Australian intercountry adoptees. If you are an adult intercountry adoptee, care about post adoption support in Australia and want to contribute – email Patricia Fronek [email protected].

For post adoption contacts in your state: http://www.ag.gov.au/FamiliesAndMarriage/IntercountryAdoption/PostAdoptionSupport/Pages/contactdetails.aspx

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