• Podsoc #75

Grass roots organisations:

In conversation with Joel Izlar

Grass roots community work, a challenging and rewarding field, is not always given the attention it deserves. Joel Izlar talks to Podsocs about his work as a social worker, activist and researcher with grassroots organisations.

Joel Izlar is an American community social worker, social activist, and PhD student at the University of Georgia. Within the south-eastern United States, Joel has been notably active in working to reduce electronic and food waste, the digital divide, food insecurity, inequalities in resource allocation and distribution, homelessness, labour rights violations, and structural deficits in community organisations. Joel has served in various administrative roles in grassroots and non-profit organizations. He is currently researching the intersection between grassroots organisations, technology, and environmental justice.

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Fronek, P. (Host). (2015, March 16). Grass roots organisations: In conversation with Joel Izlar [Episode 75]. Podsocs. Podcast retrieved Month Day, Year, from http://www.podsocs.com/podcast/grassroots-organisations/.

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Some grassroots organisations:
• RISE Conference (hasn't been that active)(US): http://riseconference.org/
• Social Welfare Action Alliance (US):http://socialwelfareactionalliance.org/
• Social Work Action Network (UK): http://www.socialworkfuture.org/
• The Rank-and-Filer: Radical Analysis for Radical Social Service Workers (US/UK):http://www.rankandfiler.net/
• The Radical Social Work Group, New York (US):
• Anarchists in Social Work (PDF/UK): http://www.rankandfiler.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Anarchists-in-Social-Work-Known-to-the-Authorities-2nd-Edition.pdf
• Food Not Bombs (US): http://www.foodnotbombs.net/
• Free I.T. Athens (the organization Joel is involved with) (US):http://www.freeitathens.org/about_us/